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sabato 5 marzo 2011

Ariss school contact 1° telebridg made in italy i2jry iz2pbm and mike fink ke5ait

Friday, 27 March 2009, "Alessandro Volta" School, Mandello del Lario established a combined telebridge
and direct contact with US astronaut Mike Fincke KE5AIT on board the International Space Station.
This combined direct and telebridge configuration was chosen to solve the issue of local antenna
obscuration. Assistance was provided by Amateur Radio school station in ISIS "Andrea Ponti", Gallarate.
The "Alessandro Volta" School operated the contact with call sign IZ2PBM and ISIS "Andrea Ponti" Gallarate
operated the contact with callsign I2JRY.
Combined operations present an increased risk of failure and need careful preparation and perfect
coordination. In the present case, the choice was justified by the obscuration issue at the main school
location. Excellent technical skills of both teams warranted success.

  73 de iw2kvt

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